Sunday, January 26, 2014

FFL License - Getting FFL from Home

Advantages of Getting your FFL License

Get Your FFL License and Save over 30% on Guns & Ammo. Protect your guns rights from Obama!

The majority of individuals who look to acquire their own federal firearms license are those who wish to deal, collect, import, or sell firearms and ammunition although regular citizens who love guns are provided with the opportunity to acquire their FFL license as well.

There has been a lot of speculation and rumor that the ATF is no longer approving "home based FFL's" but that's not true. You can still get your FFL, even at home.

What is true is that more often than not home based applicants are less prepared than their counterparts who do have a storefront and as a result are more likely to get denied. It's important to fill out your FFL license application correctly or the ATF will deny you.

We recommend a good FFL license kit to make sure you are prepared and get approved from the batf. Click one of the links on this page to check out one of the better ffl license kit review sites on the net.

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There are three different classes associated with acquiring your FFL license:

Class 1 (National Importers)

Class 2 (Manufacturers and Dealers)

Class 3 (Local Gun Shop Owners). 

There are a wide array of benefits associated with getting your FFL license which is why more individuals are partaking in the opportunity. In particular since Obama has been elected gun sales have been absolutely skyrocketing and now is a great time to cash in selling guns to hungry buyers.

Besides the significant savings on guns and ammunition FFL holders are not required to pay transfer fees, wait for background checks, and can have weapons shipped directly to them through the mail. If you love guns and buy more than a few every year a FFL will save you money.

The FFL license cost varies depending on the type you want with the C&R license being the least expensive but also least powerful. The FFL license class 3 is the most desired of the FFL license types and if you can meet the FFL license requirements, it's the license we recommend.

Another benefit that you will experience with the use of your FFL license is that you will be able to save a hefty amount of money when you purchase firearms.  Considering that saving money is of the utmost importance, especially in today's economy having the opportunity to save up to 30% on each firearms purchase and also avoid transfer fees can be quite advantageous for many individuals. 

Although you will have to pay a licensing fee to acquire your license, you will essentially be getting your money back through the discounts that you will acquire with each purchase.

A FFL license also provides individuals with the opportunity to sell and resell firearms.  Regardless of whether you are looking to own your own gun shop or if you are looking to work within a gun shop you will be required to gather your FFL license as per the standards of the ATF.

If you are looking to acquire full-time or part-time employment where the sale of guns will be conducted, you will be required to get your licensing prior to accepting the position. If you are more of a collector you may opt for a c&r license but as a rule we do not recommend this type.